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Kimberly Weichel

Kimberly Weichel is a social entrepreneur, catalyst, and nonprofit leader who has worked on the forefront of building bridges between cultures and peoples for over 25 years. She is a gender specialist who is a passionate advocate and champion for women’s advancement, empowerment, and leadership. As CEO of Peace x Peace, an international women’s peace building and leadership organization, she supported and mentored their global network of women peace builders in over a hundred countries. Kim has extensive global experience in Russia, South Africa, East Africa, Southeast Asia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Canada, and Australia. She completed her BA and master’s degrees from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and was awarded fellowships in Europe and Asia.


Kim's cross-cultural and multifaceted background gives her a unique perspective on life, benefiting many communities through her work as a facilitator, trainer, radio producer, speaker, and advisor to NGOs. She has led a wide range of international programs and worked with the UN and other international agencies. Kim is a mentor of young and not-so young women and has mentored hundreds of women around the world.

Kim loves to write, and her books have had international appeal: Inside Crossroads (McGraw Hill) highlighted a remarkably resilient community in South Africa that was threatened with demolition during apartheid, The Future of the Pacific Rim (Praeger) explored the economic potential and regional cooperation of this diverse region, and Healing the Heart of the World (Elite) featured her chapter “The Feminine Front Line” about women on the forefront of change. Her recent book, Beyond Borders: One Woman's Journey of Courage, Passion and Inspiration, chronicles her work during remarkable times in history as well as moving personal stories and lessons learned.


Kim's passion and enthusiasm for life is infectious. She is an adventurer,  seeker of knowledge, and a true global citizen. She has been married for forty-three years and has two grown children. She loves to spend time in nature, play music, paint watercolor, play tennis, hike, ski, and swim. She is a Renaissance woman who enjoys connecting with people from other cultures.

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