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Our Voices Matter:

Our Voices Matter reminds us that our voices are powerful and that each voice matters. The book informs, inspires, and offers hope when hope is sorely needed, providing wisdom and opportunities for personal and collective action. Part self-help, part encouragement, part advocacy, and part insight, this book will resonate with audiences around America.

“Our Voices Matter is inspiring, thought-provoking and heartwarming. As a thought leader and citizen diplomat, Kim demonstrates the power of speaking up, especially at this time when it is so needed. Her diverse chapters encourage us to live an authentic and resilient life while weighing in on the issues that matter deeply to us. Our Voices Matter is a clarion of insights for all of us who long for authenticity and truth” (Joanne Grady Huskey, vice president and cofounder of iLive2Lead, author, trainer).

“Kim Weichel’s sage wisdom and insight provide hope and guidance for all of us. From the personal—developing resilience, answering a calling—to the local and global—bridging differences, connecting with others, mentoring and telling our stories—Kim offers a range of action steps that will support us personally and collectively. Our Voices Matter is an important book for our challenging time” (Ellen Boneparth, director of Light My Fire, author).

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