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Kim Weichel’s new memoir tells of her inspiring experiences that transformed her life and others’. Kim had a front row seat in global movements at key times in history, so she has many insightful stories and wisdom to share – from her journeys into deepest Africa, her stand against apartheid, becoming a citizen diplomat and her many leadership positions effecting international change. Readers will savor her stories of an amazing life. Follow in Kim’s footsteps, and you’ll change the world, just like she has.”

-Kathy Ramsperger, Author, Speaker, Coach; Former Employee, The International Red Cross.

“Kim Weichel is an inspiring activist and writer who exemplifies H. D. Thoreau’s words that a person ‘cannot sit down to write who has not stood up to live.’  Her book is a testament to her spirit of adventure and exploration, creative problem-solving, self-examination and self-evolution, and a relishing of what she can do for others.  I loved each one of her life stories; her story of traveling the path of the Iroquois Peace Maker who crafted their Great Law of Peace, a little known part of American history, was particularly riveting. She empowers both by her example and her call to serve. Kim’s humanity and humility shine through.”

-Suzanne Stoddard, Teacher, Author, Citizen Diplomat.

Beyond Borders is a very personal and inspiring memoir by a remarkable woman about her life as an activist, pioneer and world traveler.  Kim’s passion for positive change, peace, and women’s leadership shines throughout these pages.  Her deep, committed work for trail-blazing social change organizations can light a fire in your soul.

-Corinne McLaughlin, co-author, The Practical Visionary; Spiritual Politics.

“Kim Weichel’s new book is a fascinating read by a media professional whose heartfelt dedication to presenting positive news and creating a more hopeful, diverse and inclusive media is an inspiration. Beyond Borders is filled with insight, joy and enthusiasm for living life fully and for making the world a better place. I highly recommend this book.”

-Bill McCarthy, President, Unity Foundation and Host, Positive Spin TV broadcast.

"Beyond Borders demonstrates that one woman can truly make a difference. Kim’s dedication to gender equity and responsible world citizenship has been the impetus for her life’s work — whether as CEO of Peace X Peace or leadership trainer and role model empowering women to be all that they can be. Kim’s life, as it unfolds in these pages, is a model for women and men everywhere. It’s not only a good read, but a beacon of hope in a world so desperately in need of positive energy and ideas."

-Joanne Grady Huskey, Vice President, iLIVE2LEAD; Co-founder, Global Adjustments; 2015 Purpose Prize Fellow, Author of The Unofficial Diplomat.

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