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I love to write poetry, sing and play music.

I find I tap into an inner creative spirit that shares some of my most meaningful experiences and insights.

Here are several poems:

We Are One

I am in you and you in me
I am the flower blooming 
And the wind blowing, and the bird soaring
And the earth spinning
We are all one

I see in you what I see in me
We are mirrors for each other
In this moment I have no face, no race
We are souls walking a human path together
We have been together forever it seems

I can be me because you are you
When I let my light shine
I give you permission to do the same
And together we can fly
Beyond our wildest expectations

We are one, connected on many levels
Bonded by our common humanity
Living in a spirited earth
The joy of life washes over us
Where you and I are one


Courage is having the strength 
To walk through our fears
It doesn’t mean we are fearless

Much of our lives are spent avoiding fear
And paying the price for the avoidance
Yet life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage

Fear can become so painful that we are willing 
To do almost anything in order to avoid it
Our lives are limited by fears we are unwilling to face

Yet our greatest growth and joy can come
By stepping into our fears
What is it, really, that we are afraid of?

Are we afraid of being a fool in front of others
Of losing our image, losing friends, losing our business
So much of this is simply in our minds

Yet life is about taking risks
Growth and inventions would never occur without it
Do what you fear and fear will disappear

I’ve walked through many of my fears
Fear of speaking in public, of being on TV
Of taking a stand and adopting an older child

I feel stronger because of it
Each step gives me the courage to take the next step
And each step I take gives me the courage to fly


My mother was my friend, my teacher, my sister, my role model,
She cared for me when I was ill,
Nourished me as I grew up,
Taught me to play music, inspired me to learn art,
Encouraged me to explore the world 
Showed me how to do what you loved 

I learned so much from my mother, my grandmothers, my aunts, 
Most of which I could never learn from school
I learned how to take care of others as well as myself
To nurture, love, be creative, and experience life
They supported me through difficult times
Their love filled me with the confidence to find my own way

I am now a mother myself and can apply what I’ve learned
My bond with my children is very deep and unlike anything 
I’ve ever experienced
But my mothering goes beyond this relationship
My mothering affects my work in the world, how I treat 
others, the environment
It is part of the core of who I am

I say thank you to my mother and to all mothers everywhere
It is at the same time the hardest and most fulfilling job there is
Thank you to mothers for giving life and nourishing souls
And thank you to mother earth for sustaining us all

Unsung Heroes

I want to salute and honor 
all of the unsung heroes and heroines
that each day work to improve 
the lives and environment of others

Refugee workers, volunteer nurses, human 
rights activists, cancer counselors, homeless 
advocates, hospice helpers, peace workers
and so many others giving of themselves

Some left successful businesses or well paid jobs
To work long hours, with low pay, often tiring work
So that they could reach out and help others
And do what they could to improve people’s lives

Many of these unsung heroes are not really thanked
But they do this work because it calls them
And they do it with commitment and compassion
Finding that it nourishes their soul to give back

I say thank you to all the unsung heroes and heroines
You are what makes our society strong and healthy
Know that your work makes an enormous difference to all of us.- God bless you.

Lessons in Life

Life will offer us all kinds of lessons
We are all enrolled in the informal school called life
Each day we have the opportunity to learn.

It’s best to learn our lessons the first time, 
Or they’ll keep coming back until we do
Once we learn it, we can go on to the next lesson

There are no mistakes, only lessons
Growth is a process of trial and error
Our learning will continue as long as we live

Others are mirrors for us
If we like or dislike something about someone else
It often reflects something inside of us

What we make of our life is up to us
We have all the tools and resources we need
What we do with them is up to each one of us

Our answers lie inside of us
All we need to do is look, listen, and trust
And give ourself permission to take risks

Every person and situation can be a teacher

Be open to many new experiences

For this one wild and precious life

Seeking the Divine Mother

The divine mother calls, sometimes softly, 
Bringing the feminine voice into awareness
She nurtures, inspires, listens
And radiates a sense of unity and connection

The divine mother models compassion
And teaches us how to live with passion
She is a holder of dreams and visions
And offers a container in which creativity can emerge

The divine mother holds the space 
where both masculine and feminine can flourish together
It is the careful dance between them
That enables us to become whole

I connect with her in solitude, in prayer, 
walking the labyrinth and in nature
She is part of me and I of her 
She is awaiting our call, our openness to her presence
I celebrate her beauty, her wisdom, and her guidance.

It’s Our Time


The wisdom of the feminine is calling us 

To listen, heed its message and stand together

Honoring its beauty of collaboration and partnership

Acting on what is best for the whole


The feminine voice has been soft yet steady

Nurturing women to step into leadership

Standing strong in her wisdom and experience 

Valuing her intuition, skills and abilities


Feminine wisdom seeks new ways of sharing power, 

Leading, working together and honoring differences

It is rooted in the African concept of Ubuntu – 

I am me because you are you.


The world cries out for this wisdom

That unites us rather than divides us

It is what we hunger and yearn for

In our families, schools, companies and countries


Sadly we see many examples of the extreme masculine today - 

Mass rapes, wars, murders, and torture 

Men exerting their power to abuse, demean and divide

This extreme masculine is harmful and out of balance, out of control


It’s our time as women to use our feminine wisdom and speak up 

The wise feminine provides healing, connection, and caring 

We need the best of the masculine and feminine combined 

The world is waiting for us

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